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Introducing Barbara Evans, Seattle’s Newest Wine Blogger…

Hi, I’m Barbara! I also go by ‘B’ Barb and Barby. In a nutshell; I’m a New York State raised certified pilot, ultra marathon running, world traveled wine and cheese loving, astronomy enthusiast, success principals adhering to social media nut [sucking air back into lungs before moving on].

I like roller derby, and used to be a roller queen myself. 3 major injuries, 20 pairs of ripped fish net stockings and a Masters Degree later- like a child with a new shiny toy, you can find me safe and sound behind my computer screen nerding out over the newest platform applications, ‘hot off the presses’ ROI measurement tool, or engaged in my newest boredom game called “who’s the sexiest Social Media guru on Linked’In”? Was that a run on sentence? If so, I recommend skimming over the part about me being a technical writer/editor in my profile.

I am fully aware of the irony of a self-proclaimed social media nut whose first personal blog post occurred today [popping cork off of the Champagne to celebrate, streamers falling from ceiling, very pathetically blowing a party favor horn while all alone]. It’s really quite simple. I can’t figure out how Word Press works. No really, c’mon now… the reason is that I’ve been so busy posting on other blogs! Having ‘become’ FertilAid Amy (I see a lot of product pushing going on in the name of my darling FertilAid Amy lately. Please note that I am no longer her administrator- my last Tweet/FB post was Nov 4th) over the past 5 months for Fairhavenhealth.com, I ate, slept, and Tweeted as the worlds finest Sultry Avatar Fertility Educator. Is there an official award ceremony for that title? Well, there should be. While the avatar looked very creepily like myself (yeah, I said she was sultry), she never spoke of social media itself, or wine, aviation and ripped fish nets for that matter. So here I am, no longer FertilAid Amy, and finally able to blog for myself… Barbara, B, Barb, Barby, Seattle Wine Gal, whoever I am these days.

Ok, thanks for taking the time to check me out. Bear with me as my blog undergoes construction. If you haven’t already, please come hook up with me on Facebook or LinkedIn. I am always looking to meet other Social Media nerds to exchange information, resources, and experiences, or the occasional carpool to talks, seminars or conferences.

Peace out,


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  1. December 7, 2009 at 3:13 am

    Barb!!! I’m impressed =)

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