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Pinning Down the Guru’s for the Social Media Scoop…

“Social Media is the Next Gold Rush. Get in NOW, and Stake Your Claim because there’s a tidal wave of people who want in, and they are right behind you”. These words of advice were spoken by David Johanson last night over a club sandwich and beer at the Silver Reef Casino. Let me explain what occurred to get David and I, who had only bumped into each other via the occasional RT on Twitter over the last few months, in the same room at the same time.

The meeting with David was one of many that I have had recently with Social Media Peeps (on behalf of all of us in social media, I am declaring this our official title). Inspired by a book that my Master Mind group was reading by Keith Ferrazzi, I decided to reach out to people who appeared to be the best in the industry, and simply ask them to meet for lunch (on my dime) in exchange for tips, advice and resources. I admit that I felt fear asking these guys for help, but much to my delight… every single person I proposed a meet-up with gave me a big fat Y-E-S. The one’s I have not met with yet are either out of town, or scheduling something with me currently. From resume advice and “must-know” industry tips, to conversations about “fake it till you make it”, and passive income ideas while you’re trying to get rich from Social Media, these meetings have been an excellent way to get my foot in the door and find a little direction for my upcoming job search in Seattle. Thanks so much to David, Derek Johnson, Scott Pierce, Dan Sears, John Andrews, Peter Boctor, Gary Pickering, and Eric Pratum for all the advice, referrals, tips, and willingness to share your genius noggins with me. Hmm… notice anything odd about that list? We need more ladies in the house! Connect me with Social Media Chicks, that would be sweet. Don’t know many? Don’t worry, this ‘lil chicka will take Social Media by storm… just watch gents!

Either way, a huge THANK YOU to all of you, you rock! I just want to have a big warm and fuzzy TweetUp where I buy you beer and one of those fancy chocolate fountain thingies.

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