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Making Social Media Work For You ‘On a Small Potato Zero Ad Budget’

I recently posted about how wineries can use Twitter to attract tourist business. I got a lot of great comments, one of which mirrored what I tend to hear in person when discussing with vintners, wine shop owners, and people in the wine industry the use of Social Media as a marketing tool. Pete Durand of Pete’s Preferred Taxi Wine Tours in Santa Barbara wrote:

Pete's Wine Tour Taxi in Santa Barbara

I’m relatively new to using FACEBOOK and TWITTER. I’ve become a nuisance on Facebook- I need all the help I can find. Twitter is totally Greek to me. Having said that, how do I as a Taxi wine touring company, find a way to use these medias’ to promote myself. I’m small potato’s with a zero ad budget. Any ideas would be appreciated.

I wrote back to Pete that I would think about this and get back to him. I must be very honest and tell you that it can be quite involved. There are many levels of Social Media knowledge. Some people are great at engaging people on Twitter and Facebook, others use Social Media as a tool for optimal Search Engine Optimization, some are excellent at measuring ROI (return on Investment) and analytics.

You needn’t know it all to be good at Social Media. What you need to become proficient in depends on your goals and strategies. It’s easy to say “my goal is to make more money”, but they key is discovering what you have to offer in return for more business. You Get What You Give is a basic success principals theory that applies wholeheartedly to Social Media efforts. Vintners and most other business owners that do not do Social Media for a living, rarely have the time to delve in as much as I, or other Social Media enthusiasts. In answering your question, I will admit that there is a science to Social Media that almost no one has the time to address in full.

The best advice I can give you is to come up with Goals and a Strategy, Delegate Appropriate Time and Effort Given Your Workload, and Research as Much as Possible.

Think of Social Media as a way of offering something to people in return for recognition. You can stand there with your hand in the air shouting “look at me” all day, or you can get into the space with a clearly defined strategy, and an offering of content that is interesting. People will only fan/friend/follow you if you have something worth saying. Be specific, target an audience.

For example, if you are a wine tour taxi driver, why not make it your goal to Tweet, Post, and write about your adventures with wine enthusiast passengers. Perhaps a humorous look at what goes on in the taxi 5 wineries later. Keep it fun and specific, and eventually that will be your niche. You will entertain people, they will want to read about your next adventure. Have your website visible every where you post a story, people will click and see what you offer, take a tour with the infamous wine taxi story guy (excitedly hoping and playfully fearing they make your Tweets and blog) and whamo- your on the map; increased business my friend.

My next post will be a list of great Social Media resources that I am compiling to get you started. Hope this helped Pete, and everyone else who is curious about this new fangled Social Media stuff.

-Seattle Wine Gal

  1. December 12, 2009 at 11:20 pm

    Barbara – I’m going to blog about Social Networking for our local area wineries and give them some specific tips. Would you mind if I put you down as a point of contact if they are interested in learning more…since you’re the sexy guru and all!

    • December 13, 2009 at 6:13 am

      Hells yeah- go for it Josh. Seattle Wine Gal: Sexy Guru. Damn, that’s got a ring to it!

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