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Establishing My Niche in Seattle’s Social Media World… With Wine Passion!

November 22, 2009 4 comments

I have decided to delve into the creation of a social media presence by doing what I do best… talking about wine! I came to Seattle in 2004 to get a MA in Anthropology. Always having had an interest in wine, I decided to hook up with a local Bellingham wine shop to stock shelves for an extra few hours a week for pocket change. One thing led to another, and before long I was teaching and co-teaching wine classes, administering major weekend theme tasting events, organizing wine classes and dinners, leading tours to Woodinville etc. I had become completely immersed in the WA wine culture. Realizing that the part time job wouldn’t cut it once I got my degree, I moved on to a corporate gig. Long story short… during this time I became fascinated by this ‘lil thing called Social Media (see my blog video “What the F is Social Media” for more info). Even though I have great experience developing my skills as @FertilAid Amy, one of the top infertility presences in Social Media, I had not created my own presence. Well it’s time folks. Good-bye FertilAid Amy, hello @SeattleWineGal. I can’t think of anything more fun than blogging and tweeting about Seattle area wineries. 1. I love wine. 2. I know a lot about WA State wine. 3. I know a lot about local wineries and the wine makers themselves. 4. Area wineries largely lack a Social Media existence; I would like to help them out. 5. I will be establishing myself in the world of Social Media in a way that brings me sheer and utter joy. OK, I have a lot to work to do now… keep checking in!