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Wineries & Wine Shops- Get on My Radar Screen to Increase Your Social Media Presence!

December 9, 2009 8 comments

Just a quick shout-out to wineries that are not in contact with me yet (even non-WA State wineries). Please connect with me and I will happily promote your winery and events on Twitter, Facebook, and my Social Media in the wine Industry Blog! Keep an ongoing relationship with me to give me updates about what is happening in and around your winery/tasting room, calendar events, new releases, special deals etc.

How to contact me with your events? Send me an email, Follow me on Twitter, Find me on Face book! Send me a message with the title: “radar”, and I will add you to my list of important wineries to promote.

Also, keep updated on my blog posts, and Tweets for tips on how to increase your Social Media know-how. I dish out the tips all day.

Love you guys and want you to succeed in this here new world of hip marketing.  🙂

Barbara Evans