Technical and Interpersonal Skills

Technical and Interpersonal Skills

Technical Skills

My interest, knowledge and experience in social media includes, but is certainly not limited to:

  • General marketing/internet marketing theory and philosophy
  • Purposeful, deliberate and efficient Social Media efforts (including direct application of marketing strategies such as the use of split testing methodology).
  • Social media and internet marketing strategy, goal setting, and campaign building
  • Measurement/ROI implementation
  • “community building” and the interconnectivity of Social Media platforms, and how to best utilize these connections for maximum benefit
  • Proper use of platform applications
  • Technical application of maintaining and growing Social Media campaigns
  • How to best use Social Media to increase SEO

Other skills include: topical archival and electronic research, technical and web editing, content writing, proofreading, and correction of specialized documents such as technical reports, press releases, and professional letters.


I am extremely passionate and engaged while working: I pay attention to detail, I am punctual, loyal, honest, driven, self-sufficient, productive, self motivated and work very well with goals and deadlines set by others and myself. I am good at following directions, facilitating direction, and working with a diverse patron base. I have always had a great working relationship with co-workers, supervisors and clientele. I work well under pressure and in crowded situations, or while alone. I have a sincerely cheerful demeanor and possess a very positive attitude.

Please feel free to contact me to follow up with any questions you may have about my resume, experience, knowledge, and interests and/or to connect with me about a possible employment opportunities.

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